True Detective March 2020


Seventy years ago this month, the first issue of True Detective’s UK edition went on sale. We’re still going strong – and we’re still dedicated to bringing you the world’s best true crime stories, every month. Here’s a taste of what we have for you this issue:

Fratricide, the act of killing one’s brother or sister, is rare enough. But among twins it is even more unusual – and doubly shocking. Identical twins Anna and Amanda Ramirez from New Jersey, US, had always been inseparable, from their early years through to motherhood. So what led one twin to kill the other on a terrible night in June 2018? Read “Two Twins, One Boyfriend…One Murder” in this issue to find out.

Hell’s Angels, drugs and teenage sex feature in a brutal 70s case from the south coast of England, this month’s Crimes That Made The Headlines – “Sussex Victim Was Bound And Thrown In The Sea”. Had the 16-year-old victim Clive Olive raped the killer’s girlfriend before a terrible revenge was meted out?

Finally, we take two visits down under for two hugely contrasting cases: Hanged In Australia – “’I’m A Fiend,’ Said The Strangler”, and from modern-day New South Wales, “Sydney’s Shocking Contract Killing Case”…

Here’s to our next 70 years!

Highlights this issue include:

* Two Twins, One Boyfriend…One Murder

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Sussex Victim Was Bound And Thrown In The Sea

* America’s Most Evil: Five Students Slain By The Gainesville Ripper

* Questions & Answers 1: Fatal Love Triangle In A Berkshire Village

* Hanged In Australia: “I’m A Fiend,” Said The Strangler

* Hanged At Crumlin Road Prison – Part 3

* Questions & Answers 2: Teenagers Were Kidnapped, Gang-Raped And Murdered

* Sydney’s Shocking Contract Killing Case

* Blame It On The Penny Dreadfuls

* Execution USA

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