True Detective July 2020


He’s widely regarded as a killer who escaped justice and who now, officially at least, is dead. Yet the Right Honourable Richard John Bingham, aka Lord Lucan, and the murder that prompted his disappearance continue to fascinate. In November 1974 Sandra Rivett, the 29-year-old nanny to the debt-ridden old Etonian gambler’s three children, was bludgeoned to death in Belgravia. Lucan, the prime suspect, promptly disappeared, but where he went remains a matter for conjecture that continues to this day. Read this issue’s special report “Crimes That Made The Headlines – Lord Lucan: What Really Happened?” for the full story.

Meanwhile “America’s Most Evil – Sick Fantasies Of A Deadly Pen-Pal” takes us into the sinister world of serial killer Phillip Carl Jablonski. Carol Spadoni was looking for romance and hoped that she might find it with incarcerated rapist and killer Jablonski. He had a knack for writing flowery, romantic letters that suggested he deserved a second chance. The pair exchanged hundreds of letters and were married at San Quentin Prison, California, in 1983. When Jablonski’s communications took a darker turn, Carol stopped visiting him, and when the authorities released Jablonski in 1990, the cauldron of hatred inside the killer erupted once again…

Highlights this issue include:

* Cruising To Death

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Lord Lucan – What Really Happened?

* America’s Most Evil: Sick Fantasies Of A Deadly Pen-Pal

* Hanged In Australia: Armed Robbery On The Perth Train

* Hanged At Crumlin Road Prison – Part 7

* Horror In Room 13

* Questions & Answers: The Inexplicable Death Of Jonathan Luna

* Jessica Took A Shotgun To Her Love Rival

* Fulham’s Murder Street

* Execution USA

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