True Detective July 1994


Irish sisters hanged together The caging of serial killer David Wood Should the Bradford youth have hanged?

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The incidence of females who hanged in British prisons is notably rare in comparison to male felons – which is why the two sisters hanged together is so unusual. One of them at the very least could easily be classified by what today we call a serial killer, although greed was her governing motive. Yet at the last minute she tried to pin the entire blame upon her younger sister – whom she had enticed into this, the ultimate crime, for gain. Another irony in this, our first story of the issue, is that only weeks before they were hanged, the elder of the sisters was discussing the bungling of Bartholomew Binns – the hangman who was to make such a good job of executing her!

What constitutes provocation to kill, as a mitigating circumstance in a court of law? Should the Bradford Youth have Hanged? Because it is such a contentious case. Would such a verdict be tolerated today, or has society changed in its attitudes during the intervening years?

Anyone who is interested in crime must be aware that it encompasses just about every other subject possible – science, art, psychology, geography, history – the list is endless. Our bright new series The Gangs Of New York takes a look at the squalid social conditions of New York immigrants, the forerunners to the Mafia, and how these gangs first started. Step by step you will learn what has made America what it is, with extremes of wealth and poverty and the European culture being flooded into a brave new world.

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