True Detective January 2022

True Detective January 2022


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The history of British crime needs updating following the headline-making events of 2021 involving killer cop Wayne Couzens. Imagine a chapter in a book of “Britain’s Most Notorious Killers” not mentioning him. Unthinkable, surely. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, Peter Sutcliffe, Fred and Rose West, Haigh, Christie et al…. The list of the nation’s most notorious killers now wouldn’t be complete without Couzens.

So as the abduction-rapist and cold-blooded murderer of Sarah Everard settles into his whole-life prison sentence, it’s time to reflect on the shocking events that brought him there. How was it ever allowed to happen? Should not the very fact that Couzens was nicknamed “the Rapist” by colleagues prior to his heinous, random attack on 33-year-old marketing executive Sarah have been enough to warrant more checks on his activities and suitability for the role?

In this issue’s Why Was Pervert Cop Free To Kill Sarah?, we look at how the crime unfolded on that terrible night in March last year – and ask the uncomfortable questions that the case raises.

And that’s just one of the nine remarkable true crime case reports you’ll find in this packed issue!

Highlights this issue include:

* Why Was Pervert Cop Free To Kill Sarah?

* America’s Most Evil: Psycho With A Claw Hammer

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: The Man Behind The Clydach Massacre

* Execution USA

* Questions & Answers: The District Attorney Who Turned To Killing

* Hanged In Wales: Holyhead’s Murder On Christmas Day

* Hanged In Australia: Two Charred Skulls…Two Bags Of Human Remains

* Shaylyn Gets Engaged, Then Gets Life For Murder

* 1960s Porn Star In Drug-Fuelled Bloodbath

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