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Members of the New Tribes mission, Gracia and Martin Burnham planned to take a week of their missionary work in the Philippines for a well deserved holiday to Dos Palmos to celebrate their anniversary. They planned to only be away a week, but in fact they were away more than a year, and their time away was anything but a holiday. Before dawn on the first morning they were kidnapped at gunpoint by a gang of Muslim guerrillas who demanded a ransom of $2 million for the hostages’ safe release. Gracia and Martin lived in constant fear of being executed – beheaded as several of their fellow-hostages were. And when salvation was finally affected even that didn’t have a happy ending. We Were All Ready To Die is a gripping account of one couple’s ordeal of terror that is not to be missed.

"I’ve just shot a woman," the man told the startled policeman in Seven Sisters Road, north London. "I did it with this," he went on, producing a revolver. And he wasn’t joking. Slumped across the bed in the back bedroom of 15 Suffield Road was the body of Mrs. Beatrice Downes, shot three times by her brother-in-law. But why? When questioned by the police the killer would not say. Further, there was no sign of a sexual assault or of a struggle. Even the prosecution could not suggest any motive for the shooting. The answer seemed to lie in the man’s sanity. However, the defendant firmly believed he was justified in doing what he had done, saying that he was defending his brother’s honour.

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