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As if the Church of England didn’t have enough on its hands with the controversies surrounding homosexual marriage

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As if the Church of England didn’t have enough on its hands with the controversies surrounding homosexual marriage in churches and the consecration of women bishops, it had another problem to deal with in the shape of one Stephen Farrow. For Farrow had let it be known that he was going to kill Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury. The reason? Farrow claimed that a priest at the boarding-school he attended at the age of 11 had abused him. Fortunately, Dr. Williams was not murdered. Unfortunately, two other innocent people paid with their lives instead.

A towel had been placed over the face of prostitute Sally Rose White’s face, a bite mark on her thigh matched the teeth of the man in whose room her body was found and there was blood on the walls, her clothes and the bedcovers. One Anthony Hardy was arrested – then released! How does that work? A post-mortem revealed that Sally had a long-standing coronary disease which was believed to have precipitated a fatal heart attack. So the pathologist attributed her death to natural causes and Hardy walked free…but only for six weeks. See page 20 for Horror Of The Camden Ripper – it’s part 2 of our new series Killers Who Will Die In Prison.
Twenty-four-year-old John Boss was a moody bundle of nerves which his parents put down to a 10-foot fall onto a hard surface when he was four. However, Boss’s outward appearance seemed normal enough; he even had a girlfriend, pretty Rose Foster. She seemed quite content with John as he was for they became engaged – until her bruised and battered body was found by the reservoir at Ashby Woulds.

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* Incest The Motive In Killing That Shook Ireland
* Make A Break: Crossword / Your Letters
* Ritual Killing At The Vicarage
* Under The Spotlight: Leon Trotsky, The Exile Who Had To Die
* Part 2 Of Our Series – Killers Who Will Die In Prison: Horror Of The Camden Ripper
* Readers’ Jury
* “Give Me Half-An-Hour With My Sister’s Killer”
* Crimes That Made Headlines Part 4: Why Fiend Was Freed To Kill
* Execution USA
* Did Rose Die Because She Said No?
* America’s Most Evil: Anjette Lyles Cooked To Kill
* Questions & Answers: Death Sentence For Keeping Sex Slaves In His Dungeon For Two Years

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