True Detective December 2019

True Detective December 2019


Nicole Nachtman was said to have been temporarily insane when she killed her parents execution-style after years of physical, verbal and emotional abuse she received from them. Read No Parole For Parent-Killer Nikki for the full shocking case


Wearing a trilby hat, patterned bow-tie and carrying a knife, the handsome Maltese-born George Semini looked every bit the screen gangster he aspired to be. But did that make him a likely real-life killer, or was it just for show? When Semini was charged with murder after a stabbing in Hanley and stood trial in Staffordshire in 1948, the coal-miner and would-be film star found that the prosecution considered the photograph, which had been taken just a few weeks before the killing of 22-year-old labourer Joseph Gibbons, to be a highly incriminating piece of evidence. Semini’s remarkable story leads off the final part of the Hanged At Liverpool series. Turn to page 10 and The Photograph That Sent A Killer To The Gallows for the full story.

From Britain to Belgium, and the extraordinary case of Jean-Claude Lajot, the white ex-mercenary from Africa and double-killer, who now had his evil sights set on killing his father’s black family. His first victims had been his own mother and aunt whom he beat to death with a hammer in 1990. Lajot had been sentenced to 20 years behind bars but was released on parole after only eight. In the summer of 2005, his killing career continued…Turn to page 38 and Jungle Warrior’s Mission Ended In Bloodbath for the full story.

Karen Buckley was enjoying life as a student in Glasgow until a fateful night in April 2015 when her path crossed that of Scot Alexander Pacteau in a city nightclub. Turn to Questions & Answers – Acid Bath Psycho Tried To Dissolve Irish Nurse’s Body for this modern-day horror story.

Other Cases Include:

No Parole For Parent-Killer Nikki

Crimes That Made The Headlines:
A Body In Concrete – In The Back Garden

Poker Face! How Wife-Killer Tried To Bluff His Way Out Of Trouble

Execution USA

Your Letters – More of your views

America’s Most Evil:
Mass Murder In The Name Of Ecology

First Date With The Needle

Hanged In Australia:
Curse Of The Queensland Demon

Crime Photos/Competition

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