True Detective December 1997


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Starting this month is another great home-based series, Chronicles Of Murder. Armistice Sunday In Kirkcaldy is the tragic murder of Dora McCarron by her unemployed miner husband Patrick, the last man sentenced to death in Scotland.

Death Of A Wolverhampton Wanderer tells the story of William Henry Bury, an aimless drifter whose life took on meaning and purpose when he met Ellen Elliot, the woman he was to marry. But this was no fairy-tale romance. Bury wanted just one thing from Ellen and one thing alone – her money.

Ellen was living and working as a maid in London’s East End when an aunt died leaving her a nest egg. This modest windfall naturally attracted a number of suitors, and sadly, she chose Bury. After eight months of marriage her inheritance had nearly gone, but her hasband wasn’t downcast – for he had a plan to secure the remainder, and get rid of Ellen at the same time.

People go to the Scottish city of Dundee for any number of reasons. William Bury went with the sole purpose of murdering his wife. In such a faraway Scottish city, where they were not known, he thought he could do away with her and then slip back to London unnoticed to spend her money. But events don’t always go according to plan. Indeed, in Bury’s case they went badly wrong, for his claim to fame is that he became the last man hanged in Dundee..

This copy is a tiny bit spoilt on the spine

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