True Detective August 2022

True Detective August 2022


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“Capital punishment, in my view, achieved nothing except revenge.” Not a quote from an anti-death-penalty campaigner nor a liberal-minded politician of yesteryear, but Albert Pierrepoint – Britain’s most prolific state executioner. Pierrepoint, who died in July 1992, kept his views to himself during his 24-year career as a hangman. He came from a family of executioners and his “clients” included many of Britain’s most notorious killlers of the day such as 10 Rillington Place serial killer John Christie and Acid Bath Murderer John George Haigh.

There was, inevitably, controversy too – the executions of Timothy Evans, Ruth Ellis and Derek Bentley all evoking public ire at the failings of the British justice system. Following his retirement, the dapper northerner was ready to say more. Reflecting on Pierrepoint’s views seems timely as we mark the 30th anniversary of his passing. Read this issue’s lead feature, “Hangman!”

Ramon Salcido sought a better life when he came to the US from his native Mexico. By 1989 he was married with three daughters and living in California. But his American dream – and those of his victims – was about to be destroyed by his terrible gun rampage. Read “America’s Most Evil – When Daddy Ran Amok…Seven Would Die” for the full story.

Who killed actress Harriet Buswell? Turn to this issue’s Questions & Answers feature, “Bloomsbury’s Locked Room Murder Mystery” for a chance to assess the evidence in this enduring Victorian-era puzzler…

Highlights this issue include:

* Hangman!

* America’s Most Evil: When Daddy Ran Amok…Seven Would Die

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Lorraine’s Killer Was “A Tragedy Waiting To Happen”

* How Linda’s Twitter Account Helped Solve Her Murder

* Who Buried Milly In The Garden?

* Hanged In Australia: “I’ll Be Hung For Her Like A Man,” Said Susannah’s Boyfriend

* Questions & Answers: Bloomsbury’s Locked Room Murder Mystery

* Tessa Was Killed In Cold Blood

* Hanged In Wales: The Family-Slayer From Spain

* Execution USA

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