True Detective August 2010

True Detective August 2010


Carmen Mory started out in life with all the advantages of a first-class education. She went to school in Berne,

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Carmen Mory started out in life with all the advantages of a first-class education. She went to school in Berne, Switzerland, where she was born, and later went to finishing colleges in England, France and Holland. An excellent linguist, she spoke French, English, Dutch and German. Few people will dispute the fact that Carmen had bags of talent, energy and brains that might well have benefited mankind had they been used for a different end. Instead, however, she found a far more sinister application for her many talents. The Spy Who Cheated The Hangman Three Times, part 1 of a new series entitled Danger Women.

A special mention this month for our regular Under The Spotlight article. It features a heartrending letter – found by one of our researchers – written to a famous London serial killer after the woman’s son had been hanged for a murder committed by the serial killer. “I am the woman who called you murderer three years ago,” she wrote in part, “before ever the police knew about you…You might think a full confession won’t do you any good, but it will. It may save your soul from hell and give me the peace of mind I have not had for three years past.” For the woman’s full, uncorrected, letter have a hankie handy.

In 1910 the death of an English king saved an Irishman from the gallows at Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison, thereby ensuring him a unique place in criminal history. Intrigued? Of course you are.

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