True Detective August 2000


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By complete coincidence two headstones appear this month that are linked in extraordiinary circumstances. One marks the start of a miscarriage of justice in Devon which saw an innocent man being transported to Australia to join a chain gang in 1839. The other stone lies in East Maitland cemetery, New South Wales, and recalls a man’s condemnation of the justice meted out to his brother, who was also sent to work on a chain gang in 1834. The two men could well have met, and her they now both lie under the covers of this month’s True Detective.

We also report on the confession of the babes in the wood murderer who kept his terrible secret for nearly 30 years, but refused to accompany police to the crime scene as he was afraid of meeting the ghosts of the two innocent children he had raped and then killed.

And this month’s Murderers In Uniform brings a fascinating story set against the backdrop of London during the Blitz. The case became a classic in the history of forensic science, "the kind that comes only once in a lifetime," according to Dr. Keith Simpson, the pathologist whose painstaking work proved that the skeleton found in the crypt of a church had been murdered and was not another war casualty.

From America we report on a booming Internet business where women in jail advertise for pen-pals. These jail babes are looking for men to keep to keep them in the little luxuries that they can’t afford like toiletries and underwear. What do they provide in return? Fuel for most men’s fantasies, it seems…

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