True Detective April 2023

True Detective April 2023


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When the bodies of strangled estate agents and flatmates Elaine Forsyth and Patricia Morrison were discovered in a locked Toyota Corolla in Holloway, north London, a murder investigation soon got under way. Catching their killer would prove to be the final such task in the distinguished career of the Met’s Detective Superintendent Geoff Parratt – a veteran of more than 80 murder investigations. And the shocking case would prove memorable too for the involvement of a famous TV actress, a less-than-reliable witness for the defence at the Old Bailey trial. See “Crimes That Made The Headlines: Out For A Drive – With Two Dead Women In His Car” for the full story.

“America’s Most Evil” this issue asks an intriguing question: “Serial Killer – Or Just Plain Unlucky?” Accused Horace van Vaultz had already been found not guilty of one 1980s murder when, more than 30 years later, he was accused of two earlier California slayings of women. DNA technology had advanced dramatically since he’d last been in court. Would his womanising lifestyle defence prove effective?

Also, make sure not to miss the final part of “The Hanging That Shamed British Justice. Derek Bentley was long dead – but would the years of campaigning by his family to clear his name win the day? You’ll find out in this issue.

Highlights this issue include:

* Killed In A Container… Last Ride In A Wheelie-Bin
* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Out For A Drive – With Two Dead Women In His Car
* America’s Most Evil: Serial Killer – Or Just Plain Unlucky?
* Death In The Line Of Duty: Part 4
* In The Shadow Of Death
* Execution USA
* Where Is Jenny’s Body?
* Questions & Answers: Tragic Story Of The Boy Who Hated Girls
* Hanged In Australia: Jundah Mystery Of The Bloodstained Clothes
* The Hanging That Shamed British Justice – Part 3

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