True Detective April 2019

True Detective April 2019


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It was 20 years ago this month that two disaffected schoolboys, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went on a horrific shooting rampage at Columbine High School, Colorado.

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April 20th, the date of their infamous 1999 killing spree, was surely of significance to the 18-year-old “Trenchcoat Mafia” perpetrators, whose actions left the US and the wider world aghast. The pair, who would sometimes wear swastikas on their T-shirts, struck on the date that marked Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s birthday. They intended to blow up the school and murder hundreds of their fellow-students. In the end, their plans were thwarted and a smaller-scale massacre ensued which claimed the lives of a dozen students, a teacher and the killers themselves. In The Curse Of Columbine, we look at the events of that terrible day – and the “collateral damage” it left in its wake.

Horrific acts of violence often leave us wondering why the perpetrators acted as they did. In the case of family-killer Chris Watts, the question Why Did He Do It? seems particularly apt. To the outside world Watts seemed to have everything. But scratch beneath the surface of the idealised social media posts and all was very far from what it seemed.

River of Death ends with The Astonishing Tale Of The Thames Killer Who Confessed – In A Newspaper! The victim in the case was car dealer Stanley Setty whose headless, legless torso was found in October 1949 on the desolate Dengie Marshes, 10 miles north of the Thames Estuary…but who was the killer?

Cases Include:

Why Did He Do It? His Wife In A Shallow Grave…His Children’s Bodies In An Oil Tank

Crimes That Made The Headlines: How Many Victims For Sweeney The Scalphunter?

Your Letters/More of your views

The Curse Of Columbine

River Of Blood: Astonishing Tale Of The Thames Killer Who Confessed – In A Newspaper!

Hanged In Australia: Brisbane Killer’s Shocking Secret

Hanged At Liverpool – Part 4

America’s Most Evil:
“I’m Not Asking You To Send Him To Hell – Just Sentence Him To Death”

Questions & Answers: The Plot To Murder A Loving Wife

Execution USA

Crime Photos and Competition

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