True Detective April 1995


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Where were you when you heard that Fred West had committed suicide in prison? We bet that a large number of readers can remember. But what were your first thoughts? Were you annoyed by the laxity of prison security, or saddened by his desperation? Or did you feel that you were being cheated out of what is possibly the biggest British crime story of the decade?

Another case that will give you food for thought this month is a most unusual one from the United States. What is so surprising about ‘Blazing Rage of the Furious Hulk’ is that the authorities went so easy on the killer: Cynics among you will be wondering what political gain was to be made, or if a fashion for compassion has erupted. They could have gone for the death penalty – but was the lenient attitude right? Does it in some way condone sudden flare-ups of temper among other potential murderers?

When a man goes to the gallows without confessing, and continues to maintain his innocence, is there some room for doubt? Does the law sometimes take greater revenge on convicted killers than the public require? Tim Leech subtly raises that question in his case for an ‘Execution at Shrewsbury’. The community – including the family of the victim – felt a great deal of sympathy for the executed man’s family.

Finally, we know that our readers enjoy reports and stories about harsh prisons, so our double feature on Alcatraz should fit the bill.

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