True Detective April 1994


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Barbara Geehr tells the story of the millionaire who cold-bloodedly scarified his wife’s life for cash. If he had hated her you could understand it. But there was no rancour – it was just that he was fonder of money…

If you ever felt sorry for a killer than you would be for the pilot of the plane, he had to land to make the adjustment, and the likelihood of being seen swooping down onto an unlit airstrip in the middle of nowhere at dead of night seemed remote. It was just unlucky that a suspicious insomniac with a telephone close at hand immediately jumped to the conclusion that the furtive landing was connected with a smuggling operation. The interference of that wide-wake witness not only covered a murder case but also did the swamp alligators out of a free feed!

Any of our intrepid readers who have had to cause to notice that Continental police often carry guns – without the trigger-happy reputation of American cops – might be surprised to learn that British police have done more than toy with the idea of firearms. And that the arguments which led them to abandon the right carry guns during the Great Victorian Experiment were the same then as they are today.

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