True Detective April 1992


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Cannibalism is normally associated with the religious rituals of primitive peoples of the world. When it makes its way into our own sophisticated society, it can only be seen as a gross perversion – an outrage against everything civilised. Perhaps that is why they do it. But whatever contempt they have for the rest of us, on the surface they appear quite normal. At least two of these modern day cannibals are men of higher than average intelligence; Edmund Kemper and Issei Sagawa. If it proves nothing else, brain power is no substitute for social acuity.

Our second story this month comes from Wigan. A wicked murder took place at the railway depot on what should have been a peaceful Sunday evening in September, 1895. The haul? A few tins of condensed milk. Find out whether anyone hanged for the crime when you read The Wigan Railway Murder.

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