True Crime Summer Special 2007


"Are my children dead or alive?" The last man hanged in Ireland. Murder of the fastest man on earth.

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"Are my children dead or alive?" It was, said the judge, the custody case from hell. The weapons were two young children, used by the father to torture the mother. Even today, two years after the father was jailed for life, no one knows where the children are, or even wether they are dead or alive…

The last man hanged in Ireland. The full tragic story behind the teenage victim Pearl Gamble and her killer Robert McGladdery.

Murder of the fastest man on earth. For 11 years Collene Campbell had been wearing her mother’s diamond necklace, vowing never to take it off until her brother’s killer was brought to court.

The cruellest of crimes. When her husband threw petrol over her and torched her, two-thirds of Yvette Cade’s body was severely burned. Her fight back from near death to some kind of normality is an epic story of extraordinary courage.

Hanged – for the Southampton Knobkerrie murder. A former Boer War cavalry captain was bludgeoned to death with a South African club…for a haul of just £7.

Melbourne’s Jekyll & Hyde murders. Would the giggling killer who stalked the city at night be found amoung the thousands of American soldiers?

Durham killer’s deadly holiday. A fateful rendezvous in Piccadilly brought a nightmare of death. Donald Davidson met Agnes Walsh. He turned from a quiet young man who had a drink and a quick temper…

A young wife and mother spent the last few minutes of her life fighting like a tigress trying to stop the brute who raped, slashed and strangled her during a bloody frenzy. Then used her mobile phone to gloat to her sister and friends about his horrific act.

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