True Crime Summer Special 2004

True Crime Summer Special 2004


The fraudster, the Playboy model and two corpses… My son the mass murderer. A mother’s heartbreaking story. From South Ruislip: Who killed Jean Townsend?

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The mass murderer…Mrs. Lois Robison, her son was executed, and to the amazement of hundreds of thousands of American mothers she insists on talking about it in public.

"She wouldn’t cook me breakfast". Stockport: Edward Hartigan went back into his house to murder his wife.

The fraudster, the Playboy model and two corpses. Mark Yagalla was a millionaire who lived like a billionaire. When he met a dazzling model he spent money on her as fast as he could make it, which was bad news for the investors in his company…

Who killed Jean Townsend? "The most mysterious murder I’ve ever known". What happened on a patch of waste ground on the north side of Victoria Road, Ruislip, Middlesex, as midnight approached on September 15th, 1954?

The girls who went shooting men. Fuelled on cocaine and a hatred for men, Bernadette Eadey and her lesbian lover Linda Goodmote were on a mission that was to last 10 days.

The silent pool murder. Today it’s all prim and respectable, a country setting in the middle of Surrey’s stockbroker belt. But its history is one of naked maidens, rape – and a particularly vicious murder.

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