True Crime Summer Special 1999

True Crime Summer Special 1999


From Manchester. Gertrude’s nights of dance, lust and murder. From Devon…Grief of the cider village. Drama at the ID parade…Scotland’s hunt for a mass killer. Plus cases from Liverpool, York, London, and many more…

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From Manchester…Gertrude’s nights of dance, lust and murder. Billy and Jimmie were in Manchester for a good time with a small fortune to spend, and Gertie and Marie coldn’t believe their luck…But fate was to deal a cruel hand.

Childhood sweethearts…John Serratore and his childhood sweetheard Frances Tizzone. They shared a fairy tale romance which had a nightmare finish.

Grief of the cider village. It was a picture-postcard place where crime was unknown. Now they had a murder – and the victim was the most popular man in the community.

Janie’s wild night of love. She was a girl who couldn’t say no – so free with her favours that she sent one man to his grave and another to prison for life.

Black day for the black sheep. They knew who the stranger was who came to call on the old man. He was the odd one out in the family – the one who would come to rob and kill…

A trip down blood alley…It was london’s shady street, with a reputation for more murders and serious crimes than any other road in the capital. Here two crime researchers present a remarkable panorama of what went on in this sordid slum…

Murder confession over the internet. Soon after computer expert Larry Froistad and country girl Ann Nelson married, the rows began. Then came the inevitable split up, and custody battles – but with tragic consequences.

Croydon mystery: Was this poisoner a mass murderer? No one can say for certain if Richard Brinkley killed more than two people. One thing is sure, though – as soon as he got to know a woman she didn’t have very much longer to live…

Drama at the ID parade. Scotland’s hunt for a mass killer. Peter Manuel.

A crazy mixed up murder. The killer who slept through his trial. The prosecutor told the court, "I frankly feel that he deserves the death penalty."

Mass murder on the ship of horror. Mutiny broke out when the ‘Veronica’ had been about eight weeks at sea. Within a few days the captain and half the crew were dead, the ship was at the bottom of the ocean, and the mutineers were sailing home in triumph. Or so it seemed…

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