True Crime Summer Special 1998


The crimes of Fred and Rose West

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Fifteen-year-old Mary Bastholm, was she Fred West’s first victim?

Derbyshire’s sensational bubble car murder and the long, long hunt for the first gay-basher.

From Michigan USA "Lynch him: String him up!" It didn’t matter if the suspect was guilty or innocent, he’d been arrested and the mob demanded action.

The courage of the gingerbreadman. He was kind and generous and all the kids loved him. He was brave, too, for when a robber came into his shop he stood his ground – and for that he was beaten to death with bare fists.

Secret of the hanging man. Seattle’s jealous lover??

"Honey" Sarlo was the nicest, most popular girl in the neighbourhood. But inside her diary were letters that showed a different side to her – letters that would lead her to sacrifice her life on the altar of virtue.

French crime classic and the parish priest’s passionate love affair.

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