True Crime Spring Special 2020


This collection of cases from the pages of True Crime, True Detective, Master Detective and Murder Most Foul brings you a concentrated dose of the best stories from across the world, reporting many aspects of murder. It all adds up to a fascinating cocktail of true crime. Read, enjoy…and let us know what you think.

Highlights this issue include:

Queen’s Policeman Murdered Wife – While Serving At Buckingham Palace
How did the man who killed just hours after coming off duty get to be selected for work in royal protection?

The Crazy Motive Of A Pop Star’s Killer
Why was Tex-Mex star Selena Perez murdered?

The Templeton Woods Murders – Unsolved After 40 Years
The naked bodies of two young Scottish women, both strangled and found in the snow only yards apart, pose problems that are still unanswered

Cannibal Killer Sent Body Parts In The Post
After murdering his lover, a Canadian gay porn actor uploaded a horrific video of the slaying online

Deadly Sniper In The Texas Tower
In 1966 crack-shot Charles Whitman climbed to the top of a tower with a rifle and opened fire – killing 16 innocent citizens

Who Strangled Little Christine?
In 1951, a seven-year-old disappeared in Windsor after going to show her doll to boxer Sugar Ray Robinson

Judy Hired A Hit-Man
A woman stood to gain $100,000 from her estranged husband’s death

Elderly Targeted By Merciless Killer
A brutal intruder who posed as a policeman launched a terrifying orgy of violence

Margo Goes Free After 32 Years On The Run
A woman was sentenced to 99 years for murder. She escaped from prison in 1970 and was not recaptured until 2002

The Gasman Was An Axe-Killer
A spree killer was caught by police when they set a trap to arrest him

The Tasmanian Devil
The horrific murder of four daughters by their father

The Secret That Haunted Margot’s Killer For 20 Years
After two decades a Dublin man confessed to killing his wife

Scot Gets 35 Years For Australian Massacre
He murdered a teenager and her parents after she spurned his advances

Three On Death Row For Murder Of Guildford Girl
When she threw him out of the family home a husband decided his wife must die

Child-Killer Kept A Diary Of Death
South African labourer Ronald Cooper had written about his ambition to become a mass killer of boys – and the fiendish ways in which he wanted to dispatch them…

Freed From Death Row To Kill Again
A change in the death penalty law allowed a double-killer to be released, with dire consequences

Death Sentence For The Somerset Housewife
Her husband was a violent sex beast at full moon, the killer claimed…

Gymnast Murdered In Roosevelt Country
Rape and murder on the way home from a party

Who Killed The Yogurt Shop Girls?
The unsolved 1991 rape and murder of four teenage girls in Austin, Texas

From Sutton Coldfield: Did Anne Have Her Son And Husbands Murdered?
Was Anne Trigwell the victim of a miscarriage of justice, or a cold-blooded killer?



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