Murder Most Foul No. 91


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At the end of the First World War many of the nations on the winning side were preparing to take their seats at the so-called peace conference in Paris. So-called because one of the principal objectives of most of the participants was to crush Germany and grab as much of the losers’ territory as they could. However, US President Woodrow Wilson did not want to humble Germany; rather he would have preferred a bit of humbling of Britain and France. His plans could have embarrassed some of his allies. And for that someone badly wanted him dead.

The monarch’s signature on the death warrant was still required for anyone executed on the Isle of Man. In her diary Queen Victoria noted, “I have had to sign this warrant for the first and I hope the last time in my life.” She protested and Manx law was changed. You can read how in The Last Man Executed On The Isle Of Man
What else is inside Murder Most Foul 91?

* The Poltergeist Curse – Four dead, one murdered
* The last man hanged on The Isle of Man
* Opinion – more of your views
* “Don’t tell anyone holding a gun they can’t shoot straight”
* Murder of a Russian supermodel
* Horror murder in the garden of England
* The shots that slew 20 million
* The shots that slew 20 million – The aftermath
* The victim who was hit by a train as he sat in an armchair!
* Was President Woodrow Wilson poisoned?
* Thirty-six victims in “the village of death”
* Murder for the love of a mountain girl
* Was Hollywood star Thelma Todd murdered?
* The evil man in shiny shoes
* Grim setting for a grim crime
* “I had to stab her to shut her up”
* The murder of master butcher Albert Dewhurst

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