Murder Most Foul No. 88

Murder Most Foul No. 88


As well as being decapitated Elizabeth Gaskin had been subjected to a vicious and frenzied attack

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As well as being decapitated Elizabeth Gaskin had been subjected to a vicious and frenzied attack. Her left arm was broken, while there were deep gashes across her abdomen. Attempts had also been made to cut off her breasts and legs and a five-foot length of gas-pipe had been rammed into her neck and down into the interior of her body. Staffordshire’s Headless Wife In A Wheelbarrow – it was the first story in the first-ever issue of Murder Most Foul and has been requested by a reader from Reigate, Surrey.

July 22nd, 1964, was a national holiday in Poland, commemorating the defeat of the German invaders of Warsaw by the Russians in 1944. On this 20th anniversary a great military parade was staged. Just to the north of the capital city pretty 17-year-old student Danuta Maciejowicz rushed to watch the parade in the main thoroughfare of her town. Sadly she was just one of many young victims to fall prey to a killer who became known as the Red Spider.

Like many dominant men, Rimas Venclovas could not bear the prospect of something he owned – estranged wife Vitalija – taking decisions about her own life without his consent. So he decided that she would have to die. And in a manner of his own choosing. One summer morning in 2011, Lithuanian-born Vitalija was overpowered on a street in Peterborough, Northamptonshire, dragged into a van and driven across the Continent never to be seen alive again. Days later her strangled body was found in a shallow grave in western Poland by a mushroom-picker.

Harry Hayward took a course in hypnotism and used it to devastating effect on a simple-minded accomplice. Even Hayward’s execution was an extraordinary spectacle. Two days before, he told the sheriff he would go quietly to the gallows on condition that the scaffold was painted bright red and the rope was dipped in red dye. Amazingly, both requests were complied with, although two more were not.

* Three Bullets In The Head For Sister He Hated
* Opinion Your views
* Lancashire Killer Was Acquitted Of One Murder, Hanged For The Second
* Six Victims For Poland’s Jack The Ripper
* “No Evidence” Killer Jailed For 12 years
* Staffordshire Horror: Headless Wife In A Wheelbarrow
* Rape Victim Set Alight While Still Alive
* Killer Trapped By A $500 Ring
* Death Sentence For The “Sloppy” Killer
* Gem Thieves In Car Chase Thriller
* Destined To Die A Horrible Death
* The Amazing Cherry Club Murder
* Newton Abbot’s Frying-Pan Murder
* Rape-Murder In The Rectory
* Six Years To Catch New York’s Jekyll And Hyde Killer
* Downfall Of An Amateur Detective
* Scottish Minister Strangled His Wife…Then Preached A Sermon

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