Murder Most Foul No. 84

Murder Most Foul No. 84


Although Josie Larvin was an attractive blonde, she didn’t find it easy getting a boyfriend. Separated from her husband

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Although Josie Larvin was an attractive blonde, she didn’t find it easy getting a boyfriend. Separated from her husband, she had a six-year-old son and the small village where she lived in Glamorgan offered few opportunities for new relationships. But in December 1952 all that changed when handsome young miner Alfred Wayman moved into the hamlet. However, it wasn’t long before Wayman lost his appetite. Then he lost weight and began complaining of headaches. Finally he began to hear voices in his head, mocking him…

Tonya Hunter was a marriage guidance counsellor who regularly appeared on TV and had an occasional newspaper column as an agony aunt. Dispensing old-fashioned, no nonsense but compassionate advice, she was well-known and well-respected by her peers for her work in relationship counselling – except, it seems, when it came to her own marriage. “Tonya had always been there to help anybody who needed help, but in the end she couldn’t help herself,” said a relative. Modern murder shocker from America.

In November 1940 the body of teenager Mary Hagan was found in an empty pill-box on Brookvale Bridge in the Waterloo district of Liverpool after she had been sent to buy that evening’s copy of the Liverpool Echo. Another case that had all the hallmarks of an unsolved murder, you might think. Well no, because in the pill-box searchers found a scrap of a soiled bandage. This tiny clue proved to be most significant because it could explain the bloody thumbprint found on Mary’s neck. Furthermore, her brutal killer might well have an injured hand from which he had lost the dressing in the life-and-death struggle with his victim.

Her abrasive, aggressive style had made Linda Stein a success in New York’s harsh world of rock management and real estate – until she overstepped the mark with a member of her staff who snapped.

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