Murder Most Foul No. 83

Murder Most Foul No. 83


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Barmaid Evelina was in trouble. It was the sort that all too frequently bedevilled barmaids, and girls like them

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Barmaid Evelina was in trouble. It was the sort that all too frequently bedevilled barmaids, and girls like them, towards the end of the 19th century, a century that had only contempt for young women with unwanted pregnancies. Victorian society presented Evelina with few options. She could keep the baby and live in perpetual disgrace, probably in the workhouse; she could go into a brothel, or she could get rid of the child. She chose the last option. In so doing she put her trust in Britain’s most notorious baby-farmer, who by the time she was finally arrested was thought to have killed more than 400 babies and children, making her one of the country’s most prolific murderers.

Chris Coleman and his family were steeped in evangelical religion and teachings. But behind the smiling chorus of alleluias, evangellcal organisations demand a strict moral code from their employees – and they have a horror of sexual scandals. And that is where Chris Coleman found himself on the horns of a dilemma. Although he was a married man with two sons he found himself in a deepening relationship with another woman. Divorce would be akin to the end of the world. It was a problem he would wrestle with for months. How could he dissolve his marriage, with all that that implied, and keep his girlfriend? The solution, when it hit him, was simple.

The many hungry customers who crowded into the restaurant rarely noticed the sometimes sweet, sometimes sharp taste of the meat. But the police chief in the German city of Hanover did, and he had a sample of it analysed. The results were startling and he felt he now knew the fate of 22 young men who had recently disappeared in the city. That a horror story was about to break became evident, with the trail of death leading back to one man…How Many Victims For The Butcher Of Hanover?

Janet Barnard was one of those good Samaritans who linger around the houses of God, tending flowers and saving souls. She loved her church and wanted to serve her God by helping others. When she tried to help unemployed Ronald McCloud in June 2005 it had horrific consequences for her and the whole community.

* When Triple-Murder Was Preferable To Divorce
* Loch Tay Tragedy: Terror In The Tower
* Good Samaritan Murdered By The Man She Tried To Help
* Opinion / Your views
* Australian Shocker: Ambushed By The Wolf Man
* The Killers In My Life
* The Tonbridge Outrage
* How Many Victims For The Butcher Of Hanover?
* “Dad’s Buried In The Back Garden”
* The Woman Who Killed Babies For Money
* Murder On The Fifteenth Tee
* Leopold & Loeb
* Christmas Day Riddle Of The Human Claw
* The Story-Teller
* Murder On The Radio
* ”I’ll Murder That Old Bitch And Be Hung At Ipswich!”

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