Murder Most Foul No. 82

Murder Most Foul No. 82


We have hundreds of unsolved murders of young women along the highways of our country, said an FBI spokesman

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We have hundreds of unsolved murders of young women along the highways of our country, said an FBI spokesman. Being a long-distance truck driver is perfect cover for a serial killer. The murder scene is in one state, the killer in another, and his home base is in yet another. Adam Lane, however, is one interstate highway killer who won’t strike again, and that is due to the bravery and determination of
one family. But are there any other unsolved murders for which Lane could be responsible? The authorities believe there are a string of them…

If there was one name that could set women shrieking and wailing and calling for the laudanum bottle in 19th-century Britain it was Maria Marten. Her tragedy was the horror story of all horror stories one to be spoken of in hushed tones and never in front of the children. Yet apart from the fact that she was an intelligent peasant girl she did nothing in her life to mark her out for celebrity. It was in the manner of her death that she became the stuff of legend.

Young Yale research student Annie Le seemingly had the world at her feet. With a scholarship at America s most prestigious university and a glittering future to look forward to as a doctor of science she was blessed among women. The one thing that blotted Annie’s horizon was lab assistant Raymond Clark. A whole book has been written about the reasons why he didn t get on with her. But what is known for sure is that he choked her to death then squeezed her corpse through an opening the size of a computer screen to conceal it.

Within three short months, 14-year-old William Higgins had
witnessed both a murder and a public hanging at close quarters. So did this teach him a stark lesson? Not really. For in later life he was imprisoned in Newgate Gaol for theft and transported to Australia.

Old Bob Chappell had no enemies and the Tasmanian Police were baffled as to why anyone would want to kill him. But the more they questioned his girlfriend the more suspicious they became.

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