Murder Most Foul No. 81

Murder Most Foul No. 81


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Never leave your children by themselves. Not even for just a few minutes. And not even in your car or your own back garden

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Never leave your children by themselves. Not even for just a few minutes. And not even in your car or your own back garden. Does the advice seem over-protective? Certainly not in today’s world. It was even good advice in south-east London and Essex in 1957 after two children vanished in what was known as “Black August.” At the time the tragic cases prompted a call for a sex offenders’ register, but it would take the abduction and murder of another young girl nearly 40 years later for that to come about…

The characters could have come from the pages of an Agatha Christie novel. A travelling salesman shot on Christmas Eve and the arrest of two soldiers from a nearby army base. The father of one – a deported Hungarian Jew and a double-agent during the war – is well-known to the British authorities. An incriminating letter to the young soldier’s fiancée leads to his conviction and sentence. His accomplice is also tried for murder, yet the fate of each man is as different as they are themselves. Find out why by reading this incredible case from Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
Some murder victims are more intriguing than the mystery of their violent deaths. Bertie “Old Pandora” Mullins was one of them, even though he was murdered with a bathroom washbasin. Read this British seaside shocker.

In his short life that was over by the time he was 30, John Spenkelink may never have dreamed that he was destined to become part of American history and that he would still be talked about today, 32 years after his death. One thing that he did know, though, was that he would be put to death. For he was the harbinger. When Florida decided to reinstate the death penalty someone had to be the first to go to the electric chair. John Spenkelink was that someone.

Old Bob Chappell had no enemies and the Tasmanian Police were baffled as to why anyone would want to kill him. But the more they questioned his girlfriend the more suspicious they became.

• Until Death Us Do Part
• Black August: Two Murders From London And Essex
• The “You Forgot To Shoot Me” Murder
• Tasmania’s First Murder Without A Body
• Seaside Shocker: Southsea Victim Murdered With Bathroom Washbasin
• Millionaire’s Night Of Taunting Torture
• French Crime Shocker: They Left Her Thighbones In A Cupboard
• The Harbinger
• Shooting It Out With “Pretty Boy” Floyd
• From Wiltshire: “Oh, You Rotter, You’ve Got Me!”
• Murder In A Cemetery
• Fifty-Nine Minutes To Catch A Killer
• The Quick And The Dead
• Murder In A Graveyard
• “That’s The Man Who Killed Lily!”
• Spawned In Hell – The Convict Who Turned Cannibal

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