Murder Most Foul No. 80

Murder Most Foul No. 80


They both wanted the same man, and he wanted both of them "If you love me you will fight for me," Josh told Sarah and Rachel – and they did.

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The crime scene was the Legh Arms in Warrington where buxom, middle-aged Betty Minshull presided over the bar and stood no nonsense from anyone – until the early hours of December 8th, 1837, that is, when she tried to see the last customer off the premises. But he did not want to go until he got what he wanted: Betty’s silver snuff-box, her small bone-handled knife and the pub’s takings for the day. Warrington’s First Successful Murder Investigation, a case dating from when Britain’s police forces were in their infancy and the solving of a brutal rape-murder was not always fully appreciated.

Eighty-five years later – on Friday, March 3rd, 1922 – widow Sarah Blake, landlady of the Crown and Anchor pub in the backwater of Gallows Tree Common near Pangbourne, Berkshire, also fell victim to a killer customer. “Blame it on the pictures,” her young killer said after signing his statement. It was a throwaway remark which would make history, for it would be the first time in Britain that anyone had claimed violence on the big screen could lead to violence in real life by way of imitation. The Murder At Gallows Tree Common.

The marriage between Myra and Jereleigh had lasted more than 25 years and had survived a series of terrible tragedies before she finally snapped that August night in 2007. Suddenly she was not the happy, dutiful wife who wanted the best for her husband and his new, younger wife. She was heartbroken and became bitter at being shunted aside after so many years.

The mob howled, a rope was thrown over a branch and the man was hoisted in the air, a noose constricting his throat. He struggled for breath and there was a terrible buzzing noise in his head as the mob fell silent…The Man Hanged Three Times For Murder..

Stephanus Louis van Wyk was the son of a Dutch farmer who had his family’s good reputation and his Bible to protect him in court – and they did. But could he get away with murder twice?

Murder Ends The Game Of Love
From Berkshire: The Murder At Gallows Tree Common
French Shocker: Horror In A Pit With 130,000 Corpses
Modern Murder Shocker: One Wife Too Many
Opinion – Your Views
Warrington’s First Successful Murder Investigation
Lady Killer: The Margarita Murderess
Gallows End For The Gas-Pipe Killers
Dallas $Millions At Stake
The Kidnapping Of Baby Keet And The Man Hanged Three Times For Murder
From Cambridgeshire: How Many Victims For The St. Neots Poisoner?
Lady Killer: The Clue Of The Missing Axe
How Killers Die: Hand In Hand In The Death House
“That’s The First Time I Ever Got Something For Nothing”
Little More Than Friendship
The Suspicious Death Of A National Hero
The Execution Of Ellison Hatfield
Slain By The Samurai

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