Murder Most Foul No. 78

Murder Most Foul No. 78


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At the age of 11 he was known as “Britain’s Little Angel” after his image appeared on packets of the popular dessert Angel Delight.

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At the age of 11 he was known as “Britain’s Little Angel” after his image appeared on packets of the popular dessert Angel Delight. But former child model Thomas Connor has recently been jailed for a minimum of 25 years for battering to death a talented young doctor in a London park, proving himself to be anything but an angel.

With a firm step Eva Dugan made her way to the trap-door where leather straps bound her arms to her sides. The executioner then swiftly applied straps to her knees and ankles. It was 5 a.m. on February 21st, 1930, and the time had finally come – the American West was finally about to hang a woman. Standing straight as a soldier, Eva surveyed the audience. Gone were the lines of dissipation from her face. She was now just an old woman about to pay with her life for 45 misspent years…

Charles Lewis was the education officer for Erith, and Charles liked solid things around him – a well-built house, a comfortable bank balance and above all people of social standing. Further, Charles had always fancied a lily pond in his back garden. By Whitsun 1931 that dream was about to come true. But Charles – the mild-mannered man with gold-rimmed spectacles who seemed the very soul of middle-class respectability – turned out to be just another crook. A crook whose garden had become a graveyard, his lily pond a tomb… a case that was strangely linked to the Titanic which sank on its maiden voyage 19 years earlier…

The terrified woman survived a violent sex attack in her own home, but as her rapist fled he vowed to return and kill her if she told anyone of her ordeal. But the victim did tell and true to his threat the rapist did return – on Hallowe’en.

Stephanus Louis van Wyk was the son of a Dutch farmer who had his family’s good reputation and his Bible to protect him in court – and they did. But could he get away with murder twice?

“The Sound Of Something Dying”
25 Years For “Britain’s Little Angel Killer”
Opinion Your Views
“I Thought ‘This Can’t Be Happening’ And Pulled The Trigger”
“I Saw Them Hang Eva Dugan”
Sydney Shocker: How “Mad Uncle Tony” Solved A Triple-Murder
Kent’s Lily Pond Murders
Murder At The Shooting Gallery
County Durham’s Shocking Crime: Policeman Stoned To Death In Street
Strangled Because She Laughed At Him
The Flaming Riddle Of Lovers’ Lane
Ice-Cold Murder
Horror And A Mystery On The French Riviera: Did The Wealthy Recluse Fall Or Was He Pushed?
Mirror Of Death
The New Husband With Murder In Mind
“You Will Have To Shoot Her – Or I Will Shoot You”
Crime Classic From Glasgow: Murdered By The State

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