Murder Most Foul No. 77

Murder Most Foul No. 77


Young Sarah Clutton loved hats. On the morning of May 4th, 1925, she went into Lewis’s department store in Manchester

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Young Sarah Clutton loved hats. On the morning of May 4th, 1925, she went into Lewis’s department store in Manchester and treated herself to a pretty green one she’d had her eye on for some time. It was expensive but Sarah felt she needed something to cheer her up. For Sarah was a prostitute and she feared she was “sick” again. But with the new hat on and the warm sunshine on her face she felt much better. All she needed now was a drink and the next paying customer…

In January 1947, some 22 years after the murder of prostitute Sarah Clutton, Manchester was in the grip of one of the coldest winters on record – with police searching for a brutal child-killer after pretty 10-year-old Sheila Gowrie was abducted while out running an errand.

For the two Belgian refugees in London it was lust at first sight, She had a husband and her lover had a wife and three children back in Belgium, but neither was going to let that stop them having sex with each other whenever they could. But living together proved to be very different from just seeing each other for sex with the rows becoming increasingly violent.

Now and again in the world of true crime a case will throw up an unusual event or name or freakish method of murder. Death By Easter bunny seems to fit the criterion. The very title may raise a titter or two, but there any jocularity ends. The case – the brutal murder of June Zurkowski – is deadly serious and had tragic consequences for all concerned.

Stephanus Louis van Wyk was the son of a Dutch farmer in South Africa who had his family’s good reputation and his Bible to protect him in court – and they did. But could he get away with murder twice?

Two died when lesbian love turned bad
Manchester shocker: Murder of the girl in the new green hat
Was Anne Pressly a victim of her own celebrity?
A Question Of Guilt: The Wadhurst tragedy
Florida’s shocking “Die you bitch” slaying
Your Views
Passion, jealousy and murder in the Shaftesbury Hotel
Snaring Canada’s modern Borgia
Murder on Redwood Highway
From Manchester: A mother’s dilemma
From South Africa: The body in the jackal pit
Modern Murder Shocker: Death by Easter bunny
Trapping New York’s gigolo slayer
Butcher brutally bludgeoned in his Yarmouth shop
Sex and a damned good meal
Their flat in heaven was a home in hell
From the North East: Policeman versus policeman

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