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Welcome to a packed 16-story issue of Murder Most Foul. It’s perhaps unfair to single out any of this issue’s stories –

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Welcome to a packed 16-story issue of Murder Most Foul. It’s perhaps unfair to single out any of this issue’s stories – they’re all well worth reading – but we’d like to highlight two for your attention:

By his own account, the judge said, the defendant was the last person other than the killer to see 15-year-old Glenys Jewell alive.
“You go home that night and you dream she has been strangled. A fortnight later her body is found, the very same girl, with stockings tied very tightly around her neck. What an astonishing thing. It must have been most unfortunate for you.”
The judge’s irony was lost on the defendant. “You can’t imagine how I felt,” Patrick Michael Breen replied. A weird case was about to become even more so; turn to page 6 to read the whole story.

Some men are born to die hard. In 19th-century America some of them, like Davy Crockett, went out west to die. At the dawn of the 20th century some chose Chicago as their burying ground after bloody shootouts with fellow-crooks. Others went neither east nor west, preferring just to stay in the middle. Developing states like Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma were hardly as glamorous or chic as the far west and the east coast, but they had their fill of baddies.
To make it into the annals of crime – that was the ambition above all else of Wilbur Underhill, a nasty, snarling young killer from Joplin, Missouri…
There’s a further point of interest, though: the story is co-written by Manly Wade Wellman, in his day one of America’s most prolific writers. Perhaps more celebrated for his fantasy and science fiction, he was also a master of factual reportage. We think you’ll enjoy his pithy account of the life and crimes of Wilbur Underhill.

Sex, Lies And A Wife’s Revenge
Death Dream – Did A Killer Strangle A Corpse?
The Last Woman Hanged In Queensland
The Sioux Falls Chainsaw Massacre
Opinion – Your Views
Irish Policeman Hanged For Murder
London’s Strange Case Of The Perfect Gentleman
Killer With A Lust For Fame?
Cyanide For Two
Triple-Murder In A Northumberland Pub
Who Murdered The Broadway Butterfly?
A Need To Kill People
His Death Was In The Cards
“Soon You Won’t Be Dancing Any More”
Murder At The President’s Ball
Strangled – Because She Wanted Sex!
Murder On The Motorway

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