Murder Most Foul No. 72


As Noelene stood in the kitchen of her home in New South Wales, Australia…

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As Noelene stood in the kitchen of her home in New South Wales, Australia, preparing a romantic dinner to share with her new lover by candlelight that evening, she allowed herself a little smile of satisfaction. It was in the same kitchen three days earlier that she had brought her third marriage to an abrupt end by strangling her husband with a length of nylon cord – then burying him a grave he had dug himself!

And in Brisbane six years earlier, lovers Tracey Wigginton and Lisa Ptaschinski were busy murdering, mutilating and cannibalising the headless body of Ted Baldock simply to sate their bloodlust.

The acrid fumes billowing from the two grills on the balcony of apartment 224 didn’t smell like your regular barbecue. And the black smoke rising from the leaping flames didn’t look like those of a normal cook-out. What was going on in Tim Shepherd’s second-floor flat? What was he burning at all hours for at least two days? When his neighbours found out it would turn their stomachs beyond their wildest nightmares.

“The man was bending over what I thought was another man,” the witness said later. “On coming closer I found that he had just finished cutting the head off a woman!” Not the sort of sight normally witnessed on a street corner in Yorkshire, is it?

Why Caroline Was Thrown Like A Spear To Her Death
Death In Norfolk
Strangled, Dismembered And Barbecued On Apartment Balcony
North London’s Christmas Eve Murder
The Corpse In The Boiler Pit
Yorkshire Horror: Woman Beheaded In Otley Street
Australian Double Bill: Noelene’s Husband Dug His Own Grave
Tracey And Lisa: Brisbane’s Cannibal Killers
"Forgive Him:" Father’s Plea To Save A Killer From Death
Murder On A Circus Train
The Price Of Silence
From Liverpool: The Police Listened As Ella Was Murdered
Who Killed Dr. Gaines?
A Cruel Device To Burn A Wife!
Who Put Good-Time Alice In The Coal Bin?
Murder On New Year’s Day
"From Tying The Knot To Tying The Rope"

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