Murder Most Foul No. 55

Murder Most Foul No. 55


Famous mysteries dominate this quarter’s edition; from the unsolved murder of Adam Mather in his Lancashire home

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Famous mysteries dominate this quarter’s edition; from the unsolved murder of Adam Mather in his Lancashire home in the 19th century to the strange disappearance in 1965 of newly-wed Mary Shotwell Little – the most famous missing person in Georgia’s history – to the eccentric, miserly New York millionaire Albert Edward Ridley, battered to death in his murky, sub-cellar office along with his secretary in 1933. The individual cases are years and oceans apart, but as with all mysteries they have that enduring quality of spanning the generations. and as always, we’d like to hear your views on them.

A mother’s murder of her child is the one crime that society finds most inexplicable, and in many cases unforgivable. In the United States, 11 women who have been convicted of killing their own children are currently on Death Rows. They comprise almost 25 percent of the country’s women awaiting execution.

It was Christmas Day, 1909, and the town of Holyhead, Anglesey, was making the most of it. A Salvation Army band played carols, the pubs were busy and the shops were doing a brisk trade. But not everyone was imbued with the festive spirir. Labourer William Murphy had arrived in the town a few days earlier and goodwill was not high on his agenda.

Old Walter had been married before. The births of his 13 children had worn out his first wife, who lay in her grave. So when he got married again to a woman 30 years his junior tongues began to wag. Tragic case from Huntingdonshire.

How Many Victims For The Angel of Death?
Mothers On Death Row
The Last Man Hanged At Caernarfon Gaol
Murder On The Tokyo Subway
From Woolacombe: Execution Murder Of A Laundry Maid
Will Emily Pye’s Murder Be Solved After 48 Years?
Lethal Lesbians And The Terrible Price Of Keeping Their Love Secret
The Copycat Killers 800 Miles Away
How An Earthquake Meeting Brought Death
Unsolved Lancashire Shocker: Who Murdered Adam Mather?
Marked For Death
Stafford’s Amazing Case Of The Dancing Skeleton
The Canning Town Murder Of Ada Burrett
Forty Years On, What Really Happened to Mary Shotwell Little?
Three Victims In The Cellar of Death
Will This Paedophile Be Executed For Bonin’s Crime?
Vampire Kiss Of Death
She Was Blonde Dynamite – But Did She Kill Willie?
Lipstick, Powder…And Murder

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