Murder Most Foul No. 43


Three minutes after the deadly cocktail had been administered intravenously Marilyn Plantz was pronounced dead

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Three minutes after the deadly cocktail had been administered intravenously Marilyn Plantz was pronounced dead and the witnesses were escorted back to their vehicles. Quick, clean, simple and effective, and justice apparently, had been served.

The last 11 minutes of Marilyn Plantz’s life left a lasting impression on at least one of the eye-witnesses. Others were numb with shock and left the prison wondering if the state of Oklahoma had got it right; whether such a scene could be equated with "justice." Could such a clinical, savage retribution really expiate even the most dreadful crime?

Meanwhile, three months later and only a few hundred miles away in Texas, Mack Hill went to his death in the execution chamber in Huntsville for the murder of car mechanic Donald Johnson 14 years earlier. Hill had figured prominently in two murders several years apart, but due to a lack of evidence he wasn’t charged with the first slaying. Not so in his copy-cat killing in which a surprise witness came forward to effectively seal his fate.

Finally, no edition of Murder Most Foul would be complete without a murder mystery to get your teeth into, this quarter we have three. The case of playgirl Dot King, who was found dead in her New York flat in 1923. Was she murdered by her con-man boy friend or an unknown intruder? Closer to home we feature the murder of filing clerk Dorothy Mills, battered to death behind a tennis club in Bratt Street, West Bromwich. Lastly is the strange death of Jeanette May and her companion on an Italian hillside. Were they the victims of extreme weather conditions or Sardianian kidnappers?

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Execution Horror
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Murder Of The Broadway Playgirl
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Twenty-Five Deaths In The Great Mystery Of Eastbourne
Summary Justice For Turkish Paedophile
The Weinberger Kidnapping
After 14 Years "Body In A Barrel Killer" Is Executed
The Legalised Murder Of Sister Ethel

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