Murder Most Foul No. 102


Classic British Murder cases (Double Execution At Durham; Kent Killer’s Trail Of Blood; Chelsea’s cross Keys Murder Mystery) and astonishing international homicides are included in this latest, unmissable issue of Murder Most Foul. Gathered here are extraordinary tales from South Africa (Bertie Boer’s Reign Of Terror) to Sweden (Killer Cop On The Rampage), and from Greece (Horrific Crimes Of The Athens Ripper) To Australia (Sydney’s Acid Bath Horror) and Slovakia (Slovakia’s Evil Sock Killer) – the story of a deadly burglar Ondrej Rigo. An we cross the Atlantic for 60-Year Sentence For Black Widow Susan, inky Sex Drove Ginny’s Cruel Killers and the story of spree-killer William “Billy” Cook. Family Massacred By Hitch-Hiker From Hell. And there’s much more besides.

Notorious Hungarian serial killer Bela Kiss – The Monster Of Czinkoa – remains one of the 20th century’s most enigmatic figures. He strangled his female victims, drained their blood and my well have been a vampire. Yet for those who knew him during the 14 years he lived in a village outside Budapest, he was friendly tinsmith who could talk authoritatively on the arts, psychology and foreign affairs. Others though had spotted him dining with elegant women in Budapest, some of whom visited his home…Only after Kiss was called up by the Austrian-Hungarian Habsburg Empire to fight the Allies In the Great War did the horrific truth begin to emerge. But where on earth was Bela?

  • 60-Year Sentence For Black Widow Susan
  • Opinion: More Of Your Views
  • Double Execution At Durham
  • Killer Cop On The Rampage
  • Kent Killer’s Trail Of Blood
  • Women’s Bodies Were Picked In Barrels
  • Wrestled To Death On A Night Of “Slow Torture”
  • Sydney’s Acid Bath Horror
  • Unsolved: Chelsea’s Cross Keys Murder Mystery
  • Couples Who Kill: Kinky Sex Drove Ginny’s Cruel Killers
  • Bertie Boer’s Reign Of Terror
  • Family Massacred By Hitch-Hiker From Hell
  • Slovakia’s Evil Sock Killer
  • Horrific Crimes Of The Athens Ripper
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