Murder Most Foul No. 125


Killer, fraudster, prison escapee extraordinaire …and war hero. The life and crimes of Ralph Jerome von Braun Selz have to be read to be believed. How many murderers, for example, enjoy such gratitude from a government for their wartime service that a delegation is sent to speak on their behalf in front of the parole board? Trouble was, the brutal killing of his lover Ada Rice may well not have been a one-off. Was he, in fact, a serial killer? See “I’m Beginning To Need My Own Private Cemetery” for the full story.

In Germany, investigators had long held their suspicions about creepy blond, bespectacled Kurt-Werner Wichmann. He was never brought to justice for the murders he was suspected of in his lifetime. But in 2017 the mystery of what had happened to victim Birgit Meier finally became clear – her skeletal remains excavated from beneath concrete in the garage of his former home. Find out more in “The Monster In The Forest Of The Dead”.

Finally, don’t miss the “The Coronation Street Murder” – an intriguing British case requested by a reader that sounds like it’s from the popular soap opera, but is definitely not.

Highlights this issue include:

* Melissa And The Rape-Murder Of Little Sandra

* Sex, Bread And Jam, And Murder

* Victims Of The Teen Party From Hell

* “I’m Beginning To Need My Own Private Cemetery”

* Couples Who Kill: “This is The Day Your Husband Dies”

* Bedroom of Horrors

* When Jessie Became A Hammer-Killer

* Innkeeper Who Fed His Lovers To The Alligators

* Unsolved: The Coronation Street Murder

* Why Was Shannon Chopped Up And Left In the Freezer?

* Mary: “Sawing Him Up Was The Hard Part”

* The Black Cap Goes On Again

* Sheriff Shot His Wife…”But It Was An Accident”

* Why Maude’s Killer Owned Up – Nine Years Later

* The Monster In The Forest Of The Dead

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