Murder Most Foul No. 112

Murder Most Foul No. 112


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Two deadly women feature in this edition of Murder Most Foul, among a host of cases guaranteed to thrill and intrigue

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Opening the issue, is How Not To Murder Your Husband, the extraordinary case of husband-killer Piper Rountree, a woman who, it seems, would have gone to any lengths to get away with murder – including pointing the finger of suspicion for her crime at her own sister.

Frenchwoman Simone Weber was often described as plain and frumpy, but within her ageing heart were hidden the emotions of a femme fatale. Ladies’ man Bernard Hettier discovered this to his cost after their unlikely love affair ended. For the full story read Meet Simone – The She-Devil Of Slaughterhouse Lane.

Two British mysteries – Who Killed Sally Shepherd?, and Why Kill Nurse Daniels?, make up a special double-bill of Unsolved cases. Don’t miss them.

Finally, long-time readers may recognise the name Andy Stack atop the story of Richard Marquette, Paroled – To Kill And Cut Up Two More Women. Once often seen in the pages of our magazines, the Stack byline masked the identity of celebrated true crime writer Ann Rule, and we’re delighted to re-present here one of her vintage reports.


Cases Include:

How Not To Murder Your Husband

Opinion – More of your views

Unsolved 1: Who Murdered Sally Shepherd?

Couples Who Kill: The Sickest Torture-Slayer Ever?

Bodies Found In Barrels – Australia’s Horrific Snowtown Murders

Unsolved 2: Why Kill Nurse Daniels?

Bebop Murder In Birdland

Meet Simone – The She-Devil Of Slaughterhouse Lane

Paroled – To Kill And Cut Up Two More Women

Sentenced To Be Beheaded – Belgium’s “Monster Of Murder”

Death Wish of New Zealand’s One-Legged “Psychopath”

Doris Dies In Henley – At The Hands of A Rogue GI

From Schlock To Shock – The Strange Death Of Al Adamson


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