Murder Most Foul No.109


In Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. It became a a hang-out place for Vancouver’s Hell’s Angels, sex workers and drug-users after the brothers set up an events operation and In the late 1990s and early 2000s Robert “Willie Picton and his brother David ran a creepy pig farming operationnon-profit charity. The Piggy palace Good Times Society. Wild parties followed – but not all the visitors to the farm made it out alive again…Eventually, the connection was made between the disappearance of Vancouver’s prostitutes, the slaughterhouse at the farm, and the despicable Willie Pickton, who would be revealed as Canada’s worst-ever serial killer.

The international flavour of this edition of MMF continues with dark tales from Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden and the US. We also, of course, have a wealth of 20th-century British cases to thrill and intrigue. Foremost among them are two cases from Wales – Poison Death Of The Solicitor’s Wife and the unsolved Was Murder The Motive For Shopkeeper’s Brutal Murder? Or Was It Personal?

  • The Bad Girl of Death Row
  • Opinion: More Of Your Views
  • Horror On The Pig Farm
  • Poison Death Of The Solicitor’s Wife
  • Australia’s Bucket List Killers
  • Was Flora Thrown From The Window – Or Did She Jump?
  • Couples Who Kill: Vile Pair Videoed Their Victims’ Murders
  • Terrible Revenge Of A Jilted Suitor
  • The Killer King Of Western Swing
  • Unsolved: Was Money The Motive For Shopkeeper’s Brutal Murder? Or Was It Personal?
  • Crime Thriller – Or Murder Confession?
  • Shoe Fetish Led To Murder Frenzy
  • Love Secrets Of Honey’s Murder
  • Irene, 16, Found In A Trunk
  • Johanna Told Her Lover: “Kill My Parents”