Murder Most Foul No. 106


The Millen Brothers were the sons of a prosperous businessman and, so you’d think, unlikely hoodlum material – but that didn’t stop them turning to crime in Depression-era Massachusetts. Murten Millen was clever and violent, whilst his brother Irving was shy. Together with Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate Abe Faber – an equally unlikely gangster – they formed the Millen-Faber gang. After Murt fell for pretty teenager and minister’s daughter Norma Brighton, the gang’s criminal ambitions grew – with deadly consequences for those unlucky enough to cross their path… Turn to Two Officers Down…When Norma Came To Town, for the full story.

He had the appearance of a mild-mannered businessman but sadistic German serial killer Peter Kürten – “the mad monster of Mettmannerstrasse” – was not someone to become acquainted with. Ever. Whilst some murderers target men, others women or children, Kürten killed them all, and animals too. “Brutal punishments, combined with strong sexual passions inherited from my father, made me absolutely crazy,” he would admit after his capture. “The more people I kill the better. If I had the means, I would have killed masses of people,” he admitted. See Peter Kürten – My Life Of Perversion And Murder for the full horror…

Sydney Bomber Kills Three tells of lives destroyed by a devastating blast in the suburb of Rozelle. Were the actions of a debt-ridden store owner to blame for the deaths of a mum, baby and fellow-resident? Or was it the work of murderous robbers?

  • She Tied Him Up For Sex…Then Started The Circular Saw
  • Two Officers Down…When Norma Came To Town
  • Couples Who Kill: “Don’t Call Me Again Until You’ve Killed Your Daughter”
  • Unsolved: Who Killed The Reading Tobacconist?
  • Peter Kürten – My Life Of Perversion And Murder
  • Five Victims For The Bratislava Strangler
  • Torture Horror Of The Beauty Queens
  • Ada Was Hanged With Her Lover
  • Sydney Bomber Kills Three
  • Unsolved 2: Newquay’s Baffling “Greenshirt” Murder
  • Bizarre Motive Of The Cape Town Killer
  • Rejected Romeo’s Deadly Revenge
  • Scunthorpe’s Sad Story Of Mary And Kenny
  • “I’m Gonna Murder My Baby”
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