Murder Most Foul No.104


Dr. Herman Tarnower had made a fortune by writing the world’s best-selling diet book. Charismatic, famous, independent and wealthy, the American author of The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet had an enviable lifestyle and a seemingly bright future. No wonder, then, that his sudden death in March 1980 at the hands of his long-term mistress Jean Harris caused a sensation in the US and across the globe. And when the killer’s trial got under way, the tale of a woman scorned continued to rouse the press and public alike.

Many considered Grigori Yefimovich, better known as “Rasputin,” a saintly mystic, while others deemed him to be a debauched religious charlatan with a disturbing level of influence over Russia’s royal household. Worshipped and reviled in equal measure, the one-time in 1869, eventually paid a heavy price for his position of prominence. Who killed him and why?

  • 20 Years For Jessica The Coffee Killer
  • Deadly Fury of Jilted Jean
  • Opinion : More Of Your Views
  • Sarah’s Lover Cut Her Into 11 Pieces
  • The Murder of Russia’s Mad Monk
  • Unsolved: Death of An Englishwoman Abroad
  • Couples Who Kill: They Kept Sex Slaves In House Of Torture
  • Durham Killer’s Deadly Holiday
  • Lethal Vet “Put Down” Human Victims with Strychnine
  • Gallows For Birmingham’s Walking-Stick Killer
  • 71 Victims For The south American Sex Monster
  • Horror Crimes Of The Black Forest Ripper
  • Marine Buried Mistress In Mineshaft Explosion
  • Death sentence For Family-Killer Ellen
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