Master Detective Summer Special 2008

Master Detective Summer Special 2008


•34 years for Sally Anne Bowman’s killer. •The rise and fall of Ronnie & Reggie Kray. •Tape of death. Kathleen recorded her own murder.

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34 years for Sally Anne Bowman’s killer. Teenager Sally Anne’s life was destroyed on her own front drive after a night out with friends. Her attacker, who norted cocaine "like a vacuum cleaner," stabbed her so viciously that three times the knife went through her body and exited the other side.

The rise and fall of Ronnie and Reggie Kray. Their extraordinary rise is told by crime writer Edward T. Hart, who first met the twins when the London underworld was dominated by Jack "Spot" Comer and Billy Hill. "There were rumblings of war," Hart recalled, "and consequently an opportunity for the Krays to make their mark. I had looked upon them as simply a couple of East End tearaways. Now I began to see them with different eyes…"

Why Susan had to kill the hit-man. What started out as an ordinary day ended in a life-and-death struggle when a man with a claw-hammer emerged from the shadows and began to batter her about the face and head.

The London teddy boy stabbing that changed the law. John Michael Davies. He spent 92 days in the condemned cell. Clapham Common bandstand was where the trouble began.

The East-End policeman who had to kill. When a man walks into a police station and admits to murder it’s a startling experience for those who hear his confession. But it was doubly shocking for the officers at London’s Forest Gate police station on the night of May 14th, 1965. The killer was one of their own: a respected police sergeant with 18 years’ service. And as his story unfolded it emerged that the events which led to the slaying had begun when he was on duty…

Tape of death. As a tape recorder in her coat pocket secretly rolled, Kathleen Weinstein begged her kidnapper to spare her life and let her go. He didn’t listen – he just wanted her Toyota Camry. Years later, her voice would return from the grave to once again haunt him.

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