Master Detective Summer Special 2003


Was playmate motive for five murders? Sins of the father. Lady cop’s restaurant massacre. Only policewoman on Death Row

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Was playmate motive for five murders. Glenn Helzer had fallen and became infatuated with gorgeous 20-year-old, Keri Lynn Furman, when they met at a rave-party…

"It’s all over now, I’ll see you in hell!" The lives of Glenn and Patti Godfrey were shattered by his affair with Karen Brand…

The Camberley outrage. Who murdered Mary Anne Hogg?

Lady cop’s restaurant massacre. If you can’t trust the police, who can you trust? In this incredible case, the nightmare situation 23-year-old Chau Vu found herself in when she was left to lock up her family’s Vietnamese restaurant in an eastern suburb of New Orleans. Antoinette Frank, a New Orleans police officer, was knocking on the door of the restaurant at 2 a.m. and Chau knew something bad was going to happen…

Five victims for the woman who found murder more fun than washing the dishes. Linda May Burnett. She was asked if any of the victims resisted, she replied, "No, the damn fools just got into the grave. I talked them into the grave…"

From Leeds: Two confessions: one murder. So who killed Gertie Briggs?

The killer who tried to make murder look like suicide. Addle Roper. She didn’t believe in banks and the $500 she always carried in her corset was not on her in death…

The spectre of Lon Chaney and the Hyde Park murders. In 1928 Hyde Park, usually a haven of peace and tranquility for Londoners, became a dark and sinister place when two murders occurred within months of each other.

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