Master Detective Summer Special 2001

Master Detective Summer Special 2001


A hit-man’s instructions. Break her legs and arms and cut her tongue out. The quads survived but their mother was murdered. Welsh killer’s lucky escape from the gallows.

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A hit-man’s instructions. "Break her legs and arms and cut her tongue out". Sheila Bellush made headlines when she gave birth to quads – but America was horrified to hear the sequel…

Amy Bechtel had hopes of being selected for the 2000 Olympic team and the eyes of America were on her. Then she went out for a run and was never seen again.

Missing and feared dead. Kristin Smart was seen walking back to her university room with a young man. She has not been seen since.

Shepherd’s Bush massacre. The senseless shooting of three plainclothes policemen in 1966 caused a national uproar. The British public put their hands in their pockets and raised £20,000 for the dead officer’s families, and the escape of the three killers was as dramatic as the fervour with which they were hunted.

American slavery today. It was a scene worthy of Hitchock at his best. A pretty young girl staggering down an unmade road, well off the beaten track, manages to find the strength to get to a tiny petrol station. Thee she gasps out a story that would reverberate throughout the American state of Utah.

From Scotland: why then hanged Susan Newell.

Four massacred for a portable radio. The Clutter family murders.

Welsh killer’s lucky escape from the gallows. The killer was reprieved just four days before he was due to be executed because of one factor: his self-inflicted throat wound might burst open when hanged, causing a scandal!

Letters of despair in Manchester’s house of death.

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