Master Detective Summer Special 1999


Millionaire wife who hired a hit-man Mary was murdered on her wedding day… TV confession shocker 16 true crime cases…

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Ruth Aron was the millionaire wife who hired a hit-man. "Her driving force was her insatiable desire for power and celebrity."

North Shields tragedy "Leave my mummy alone". The pleading cry of the child was one of several sounds heard by an intently listening neighbour, sounds in the night that told a vivid story of a stalker who turned killer.

TV confession shocker. Viewers were stunned when details of the horrific crime came on their screens.

Kitty’s last trip to Blackpool. The poor girl was lured to the seaside town on the pretext of romance with her handsome army officer – but she was the helpless prey in a murder plot.

Hypnotised to kill. The bandit strutted into the bank, fired his gun and two of the staff fell dead. How, then, could it possibly be argued that he was not guilty?

The Shoreditch pawn shop murder.

The horror of 10 Rillington Place.

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