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UXORICIDE – the abhorrent act of a husband killing a wife – occurs for many reasons and in many ways. The Murder Of …

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UXORICIDE – the abhorrent act of a husband killing a wife – occurs for many reasons and in many ways.

The Murder Of A Shirley Valentine, where the palpable anger and anguish of a man who has been usurped by another, and then abandoned by his partner of many years, leads to a horrific conclusion.

But also consider the calculating menace and heartless glee exhibited by another husband in the slaughter of his loving spouse and understand…Why O’Reilly Became Ireland’s Most Hated Man.

If you have a vague recollection or a connection to a case that we can shed light upon – ask MD! Just like the astonished woman on page 16, or the reader who remembered an axe murder in London’s East End and yet another – a poisoning in Dorset! – you never know what you may discover!

Enjoy the read!

From Ireland – Just what did he do to become the most reviled man in the whole of Ireland?

From USA – The story of the first white man in Kentucky to be condemned to death for rape…

Sir Sydney Smith – Body-Snatcher – When a woman in Las Vegas set out to trace her ancestors could she have imagined what she would discover?

Hereford’s 50-year Mystery – Was it murder at Canon Pyon?

European Crime Report – Read how “Pierrot le Fou,” released by authorities despite repeated warnings, went on a carnival of rape, mutilation and murder.

The murder in Nottingham Railway Sidings – Part 7 On Track To Murder series.

One Life Of Crime: Alice Stoll’s Incredible Kidnapper

The series recalling the deadly and daring deeds of life-long criminals continues.

In MD Forum: Reader Remembers East End Axe Murder:

When a reader started work in 1936 and heard about the murder at the nearby Palace Cinema local memories were still fresh – but here is the full story from our archives.

Was Charlotte Guilty Of Arsenic Murder? – A reader’s query about his notorious ancestor Charlotte Bryant asked whether the evidence was convincing…and MD has found out

Kidnapped – Being abducted must be terrifying for a child – but a brave 12-year-old girl kept her wits about her.

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