Master Detective November 2021

Master Detective November 2021


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There’s an unputdownable collection of thrilling cases in this month’s MD – brought to you by some of the masters of the true crime writing. Complex and rewarding cases from Britain and the US feature strongly. Legendary reporter Ione Quinby, who once shared a candy bar with interviewee Al Capone, brings us “Why Clara Killed The Man Who Would Be President”, the story of the curious and bloody demise of lawyer-turned-oil-baron Jake L. Hamon. Don’t miss it.

Meanwhile prolific veteran true crime writer John Sanders takes us back to Victorian England and the terrible deeds of notorious baby farmer Amelia Dyer in “The Woman Who Killed Babies For Money”.

Elsewhere, there’s the chilling tale of random 1920s cruelty in “Irene Lured To Her Death In Bournemouth”, courtesy of the ever-accomplished A.W. Moss.

Highlights this issue include:

* Four Deaths After Ashley’s Birthday Sleepover

* European Crime Report: “When Murder Runs In The Family,” “Dad Flew In At Christmas Just To Kill,” “Night Of Horror In A Greek Villa,” “Us Woman Marine Murdered In Russia”

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: “Carol Is Dying As I Write”

* A Golden Age…For Murder: Mysterious Affair Of The Five Algerians

* Was Sex Jenny’s Lure In Husband-Murder?

* Why Clara Killed The Man Who Would Be President

* Was Rita The Forgotten Victim Of Ted Bundy?

* Women On The Gallows: The Woman Who Killed Babies For Money

* MD Forum: Irene Lured To Her Death In Bournemouth

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