Master Detective March 1979


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One of the most terrifying discoveries anyone can make is that a loved one has fallen into the hands of kidnappers. The heartaches, anxiety, fears for the safety of the victim – all pile agonisingly one on top of the other in those first uncertain hours. Even when the negotiations begin in earnest, the disembodied voice of the abductor on the telephone uttering threats must add further to the traumatic experiences of those who wait and hope. And willing as they are to do anything to ensure a successful outcome, they are well aware that the idnapper holds all the aces. It is he who will ultimately decide whether the victim is to be turned safely to the arms of their loved ones – or wehter their worst fears are to be realised.

Such were the agonies that haunted a New York family for a whole week. Yet the problems that ensued fell mainly in the lap of the FBI, for the kidnappers were adamant that the ransom drop should take place in just about the most public spot imaginable – the city’s huge Pennsylvania Station at the height of the evening rush hour!

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