Master Detective July 2020


Much has been written about Britain’s most famous hangman Albert Pierrepoint over the years. Pierrepoint himself, of course, wrote a memoir called “Executioner Pierrepoint”, and in 2005 the actor Timothy Spall played him in the erroneously titled film about his life, “Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman”. Interest in the Yorkshire-born, Lancashire-based publican with a sideline in death has never gone away. But questions do remain… For example, how many people did Pierrepoint actually execute?

Now, thanks to meticulous research by MD’s Matthew Spicer and Traugott Vitz, we believe we have the definitive answer to that question. See this issue for an exclusive look at the full list of Albert Pierrepoint’s hangings – and a great deal more besides!

Highlights of this issue include:

* Twice As Evil As Anyone Thought

* European Crime Report: “I Killed Her Because She Game Me Coronavirus,” “Villain Or Hero – Seaman Who Shot Drug-Dealers?” “Attack Of The ‘Killer Lesbians’”

* The Truth About The “Onion Field” Slaying

* Crime That’s Stranger Than Fiction

* Exclusive: The Hangings Of Albert Pierrepoint – How Many Did Pierrepoint Hang?

* MD Forum: The Officer And The Airwoman

* Killing Of London’s Have-A-Go Hero

* Killers Released To Kill Again: Kind-Hearted Mary Was Doomed To Die

* Why Frances Was Sentenced To Death

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