Master Detective January 2022


Teenagers had no shortage of heroes to idolise in the 1970s. Most probably chose sporting, musical or acting stars to idolise – but Mark Rowntree was different. He admired the notorious killer-robber Dennis Neilson, aka the Black Panther. And the then-unidentified serial killer the Yorkshire Ripper, later to be identified as Peter Sutcliffe. Tragically, not only did twisted Rowntree admire these killers, he wanted to emulate them too. For the full story of the deadly work that ensued, read this issue’s MD Forum – “He Wanted To Be A ‘Second Black Panther’.”

Meanwhile, this month’s European Crime Report begins with the bizarre tale of Finnish Gladiator-turned-killer Virpi Butt. And don’t miss our atmospheric extra-length Victorian tale of “Mary And The Bodies In The Pram”. All this and much more – all of it 100% true – is in Master Detective January!

Highlights this issue include:

* “Sorry Kids – Mommy’s Ruined Christmas”

* European Crime Report: “Former Gladiators Star Kept Husband’s Head As Trophy,” “Doctor Who Lives With The Dead,” “‘What He Did Is The Work Of A Beast’”

* Women On The Gallows: Mary And The Bodies In The Pram

* MD Forum: He Wanted To Be A “Second Black Panther”

* Hanged At Strangeways: Part Two

* Romance And Murder At Howth Head

* Dr. Kathryn In “Wrong Victim” Mutilation Murder

* Gem Thieves In Car Chase Thriller

* The Soldier Who Came To Rob And Kill

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