Master Detective February 2020


The authorities believed the trunks dripping blood at a Los Angeles railway station contained illegal shipments of deer carcasses. In fact, as it was soon discovered, the cargo was much more sinister: the mutilated bodies of two women – both killed by Phoenix medical secretary Winnie Ruth Judd. Why had she done it? Read this issue’s MD Forum: “Why Ruth Chopped Up Her Friends”, for the full, fascinating story.

“Scotland’s Classic Cases: No Body – But No Doubt”, features the notorious 1998 murder of devoted mother Arlene Fraser. The body of the 33-year-old from Elgin has never been found and her killer has maintained a stony silence on the subject ever since. As we report, pending Scottish legislation could ensure that, as a result, wife-killer Nat Fraser will remain behind bars for the rest of his life.

Highlights this issue include:

* Befriend And Kill

* European Crime Report: “Terrible Revenge Of The Scorned Pta President”, “Most Wanted Man ‘Spotted’ In Glasgow”, “Bloodbath In A Paris Slum”

* How Could A Mother Do This?

* The Hangings Of Albert Pierrepoint – Part Nine: Bomb-Site Killer Caught By A Scrap Of Paper

* Dead Man’s Shoes

* MD Forum: Why Ruth Chopped Up Her Friends

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: No Body – But No Doubt

* Denham: Britain’s Murder Village: Part Two

* Last Death Sentence At The “Old” Old Bailey

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